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About South Africa

Traveling to South Africa is about fun and having new experiences. The country has been one of worlds most visited holiday destinations for a while. The tourism board of South Africa provides visitors a wealth of information about places to stay, places to see, events and things to do.

Language: The majority of the population is English-speaking.

Money: The local currency is the Rand.  The Rand is much weaker than the Dollar and one dollar takes you far in the local market. The tax system is based on VAT, therefore the price you see is the price you pay (tax already included).

Transportation: Car rental is available from all the internation car-rental companies, Avis, Hertz, etc.

With the architecture, historical places, fantastic climate, spectacular beaches and majestic mountains it is obvious why many tourists return to South Africa after their first visit.

We've put this website together to help provide you with tips and tricks as well as how to instructions to make your stay in South Africa more pleasurable. We will add tips from our own experience about flying to South Africa (We'll show you the easy way), as well as sites to see and beaches to walk on. Do not forget the most important wine tours for which the Cape Town area is famous.